October 23, 2019

You can see the site

Henry @talktohenryj

I have been working on this site for about two weeks now and I finally feel comfortable sharing it. You (whoever is reading this) are the second person to get a link to Diversifying Success.

My hope is not too many people read this yet but I do want to start getting a few people messing with the site and giving me things that need to fixed or tweaked. I know I have a bit of a bias like editing your own writing.

I'll write more eventually about why I created this. How it goes etc as time goes on but for now a few things I plan on doing by next week 10/30:

  • 5 More Job Postings
  • Fix form
  • Add one blog post (Should be done writing by Friday)
  • Send email to 3000 person list of diverse candidates that I have

Mind you, I am also working another job and running another business while doing this. Wish me luck!

Today's Top Milestones
  • Syften monitors Upwork - steal freelancers' jobs
    Recently I was chatting with Reilly Chase about finding customers by monitoring online communities. He suggested that it’s a good idea to monitor Upwo
  • Versoly 2.0 launched on Product Hunt
    Finally launching 2.0 of Versoly! Not sure about you but I always delay Product Hunt launches, I want them to be perfect. I create a list of todos for
  • I've released the very first alpha version!
    Yesterday I released the very first alpha version to the 10 alpha testers. We have a dedicated Slack I've started a week or so ago. So far, 4 people h
  • 2K in sales in the first week of early access!
    After many hours of work, it was finally time to give people access to my new project, a SaaS boilerplate. In the first 5 days of early access, I almo