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I want React development to be easier. Divjoy creates a complete codebase and UI for you. It's better than a theme because everything works out of the box and you get to pick your stack (UI kit, auth, analytics, etc).

August 5, 2020 $16,711 revenue in July

July was a huge month for Divjoy and actually surpassed total revenue from the previous 4 months combined. Most of that was due to launching Stripe payments support and offering a lifetime deal. I talk about that a bit more in this launch recap.

Since this is non-recurring revenue I don't expect it to be nearly as high next month, but will be happy if it levels out above $3k. In many ways offering a lifetime deal is a bit like doing a Kickstarter. You get a bunch of revenue up front so you can fund future development.

I am planning on experimenting with recurring pricing soon though, as I'd love to have a much more predictable revenue stream.

August 3, 2020 Launched the Divjoy Showcase πŸ†

I recently launched divjoy.com/showcase to show off all the awesome things people are building with Divjoy. Since adding it I've had a bunch of customers reach out to let me know what they've built and that's led to some great product feedback + more customers randomly sharing Divjoy on social.

Lesson: Promote your customers and they'll promote you.

By the way, I'm running a huge 40%-off deal for the IH community right now. Grab it at divjoy.com/?promo=indiehackers

April 25, 2020 Featured on the Indie Hackers Twitter

I woke up this morning to Divjoy being featured on the Indie Hackers Twitter account and 2 new sales as a result. Thanks @csallen and team!

Happy to be a part of this community πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

January 27, 2020 $570 in sales. Best week so far!

This was the best week for divjoy.com so far with $570 in sales. If I can keep this up I should be on track to hit my goal of $2k/m goal. It's no FU money.. but it is "oh cool, I can pay my rent" money.

The increase was mostly due to some pricing page changes I made (as discussed in https://www.indiehackers.com/post/how-i-doubled-sales-with-one-tiny-change-0d3b733c32) and some extra sales from a 50% off deal I'm offering the Indiehackers community.

If you're starting a React.js project anytime within the next year you may want to grab the deal at https://divjoy.com/?promo=indiehackers

December 27, 2019 Got a $15k equity-free grant from Startup School

I’m super excited to announce that divjoy.com was one of the Startup School 2019 grant recipients. The $15k will enable me to focus on Divjoy full-time for the next 6 months and work on getting it to profitability. I’m at around $1k a month right now and my goal is to hit $5k by June.

Here’s the full list of recipients: https://blog.ycombinator.com/announcing-the-startup-school-2019-grant-recipients/

December 8, 2019 Passed $1,000/month revenue

I started charging on divjoy.com 3 weeks ago and just passed $1000 in revenue. Here's a couple things that I've learned:

  • People want a PayPal option! I started off with just Stripe and revenue went up 2x when I added PayPal. If you have an international audience it's worth adding.
  • Chat widgets work. I get a lot of questions on my checkout page via the chat widget (using crisp) and often close a sale when I'm quick to respond. It's also been a great way to quickly learn what needs to be clarified on the page.

I set a goal to reach "ramen profitable" by the end of the year. I'm about halfway there and launching a big feature this coming week (React Bootstrap support). Hopefully, that gets me across the finish line. I'd love to hear any feedback or ideas you all have!

November 18, 2019 Divjoy got its first paying users

I rolled out payments on divjoy.com this weekend and got 4 paying users ($240 in revenue). I'm currently charging a one-time fee of $60 to export a React codebase and you get access for 1-year so you can keep coming back and grabbing new components as your product develops.

Still not totally sure about pricing. Might try increasing prices a bit once I roll out Stripe integration and support for Bootstrap and Material UI. Long-term I'd love to re-introduce a free tier. What do you think? My goal is to reach ramen profitable by the end of the year.

November 16, 2019 Celebrating 10 products created with Divjoy

Just this morning the 10th product created with Divjoy went live (you can see them all here: http://divjoy.com/#showcase).

This is a huge milestone for me. My mission with Divjoy is to help developers launch their ideas faster by cutting out 70% of the up-front dev work required. So it's super gratifying to see someone go from playing around in our editor to getting their MVP out a few days later.

November 14, 2019 Just passed 7,000 React codebases exported πŸŽ‰

Divjoy users have now exported over 7,000 React codebases. To celebrate, I've added a "Showcase" section to the homepage that shows off some of the apps people have built using Divjoy as their starting point. Next priorities include adding support for Bootstrap, expanding the component library, and monetization πŸ€‘


I want React development to be easier. Divjoy creates a complete codebase and UI for you. It's better than a theme because everything works out of the box and you get to pick your stack (UI kit, auth, analytics, etc).