January 12, 2020

First organic conversion to paid hobby tier

Catalystic @catalystic

It actually happened a few days ago, but we're celebrating it today.

We had (and still feel friction) in users on boarding themselves on DivShow (https://divshow.bytebeacon.com) to create and maintain their product walkthroughs. We noticed much less friction when someone from our team demoed the product to potential customers, but we really wish to get to a place where the integration instructions / demo is moved completely online so no human from our end has to physically be present to demo any steps.

We finally made measurable progress when we saw a user finding the value and completing integration and deciding to convert all by themselves for the first time. No one from our team helped them so far, but we are scheduled to talk to them next week to better understand the reasons behind their decision and how we can address concerns they may have had to address them for other such customers.

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