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I often find myself distracted by notifications and I usually

February 10, 2019 50% launch

To celebrate the launch, DND Me is at 50% for the next two weeks!

February 10, 2019 First update delivered

Had a bit of emotions in regards to delivering updates to the users, but it worked quite well! Having bought the first version the other day, I now released a new version and waited for the app to update itself. Which it did 💪🏻

February 9, 2019 Looking into DevMate

iOS makes it simple to distribute: put it on the store and you're done; both launches and updates.

Outside this ecosystem you have to take care of everything yourself and the biggest inconvenience I saw was offering updates to your users.

Welcome DevMate, a tool to distribute your software. Luckily, they have merged with Paddle, so that was a big plus: offer licensing and purchasing through Paddle, downloads and in-app updates through DevMate 💪🏻

The integration was super simple, as well.

February 8, 2019 Looking into Paddle

This is the first time I release something outside the iOS ecosystem, so it was a bit of a pain to find what to use.

Eventually, I came across the fact that Paddle acts as a vendor on your behalf. This greatly simplifying finances in regards with invoices, especially if you're in the EU and have so many rules regarding VAT.

Paddle is also a tool for licensing making your life much easier in this regard: trial, activation, discount codes, everything you need.

Besides their SDK that takes care of all the above, Paddle also offers a checkout, both hosted on their website and as a popup you can display on yours.

I integrated the SDK, made a purchase and confirmed everything is working. I then created a product page, integrated their popup checkout, made another purchase and was thrilled that everything is working here as well.

Luckily enough, all their integrations ares super simple and I finished everything in a few hours 💪🏻

I often find myself distracted by notifications and I usually