Filled in my Indie Hackers product information

I think it's fun to look back in a while and see the journey of this thing. That's why I made an Indie Hackers page.

You forget a lot of stuff on the way.

Also I enjoy reading others' journeys, so why don't try it myself? I think Indie Hackers is a great place to share, because we're all Indie Hackers here. On my personal accounts not everyone is interested in the behind the curtains stuff. (I think).

Today's Top Milestones
  • Launch!
    The launch of the product was pretty low key, it literally happened when I was asleep. Working from the Hong Kong timezone, all the stuff that Shopify
  • App Approved!
    After a bit of back and forward, DonateMate was approved to the Shopify App Store. While there were a few things that I did not totally agree with, th