November 13, 2019

100 paying customers in less than 2 years

Saravana Kumar @saravanamv

It's one of our proud moments as a team reaching our first milestone of 100 paying customers (including some Fortune 100 companies and unicorns from the startup world).

The idea for Document360 came about 2 years ago when we were struggling to find a solution for our own challenges. We took the bet, did a company-wide hackathon, then later assembled a team and worked meticulously for the past 2 years taking the approach of "Product First".

We handheld and on-boarded one-customer at a time, listening carefully to their challenges and prioritizing and addressing their needs.

Today we have some prestigious companies like Microsoft,, IATA, on our first 100 customers list.

It's important to work with such big brands at your early stage. Their requirements are tough and it helps to stabilize your product maturity.

It's a joint team effort across the board to reach this important milestone.

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