October 14, 2019

100 maps created


After less than a month we managed to get 100 lists created on Doko Maps. This was mainly friends and family but we managed to get few unknown people who created list. We are focusing on getting more content on the app so we can start doing some improvement on the home page and search option

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    Hey! Congrats on that! Just found out your web while browsing around here as I was toying with the idea of creating a quick POC map for my travel app to list all family-friendly hotels in the world.

    Do you guys have any way to bulk upload data? Uploading 30K hotels by hand would be actually too tedious :)

    Also if you like some unsolicited feedback, I found very hard to add a place to the map. It was until I realized I had to click on the name of the category for the button that allows me to create a place to show up. You might want to change that if other issues report the same trouble, I felt kind of unintuitive to me.

    In any case. Best of luck!

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      Hello and thanks for testing Doko Maps.

      Thank you for sharing your difficulty with the UI after creating a category and wanting to add a place. We'll change that to make more obvious that you need to enter the category to add places in it.

      We don't have any way to upload bulk data at this time but we can definitely work on it later. Our current system is designed for locals to share with friends/family but we'd be interested to learn about what is your use case as it is something we want to do in the future (embed map on website, bulk uploading).

      You can get in touch at jdourlens(at)gmail.com if you'd like to share your requests.