December 13, 2019

Dokyu Author Licensing

David Hawkins @papacuppa

This is an idea that wasn't meant to be released until next year, but an Envato template author enquired so I put it on FF.

The nuts and bolts of this is that authors on the Envato market who currently sell templates through a basic AEP file can license Dokyu to deliver their templates through an installable ZXP extension. The license is essentially white labeling, so they are able to retain their branding so that the customer assumes the entire product is owned by the author they purchased from.

So why would an author want to do this? Here's the long answer:

The short answer is a combination of the following:

  • Superior UI to standalone AEP files - access 1000+ templates in several clicks
  • Superior UX to standalone AEP files - instant item previews are one example
  • Aesthetic distinction from growing competition who also offer templates in AEP format.
  • Licensing taken care of - piracy is a massive issue for templates, so Dokyu could increase revenues and protect work
  • Dokyu Media included - the entire free stock library of images and videos from Pixabay piped into the extension to increase convenience and value
  • No fixed fees, fair pay-as-you-sell terms
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