January 9, 2020

Dokyu Newsletter Sponsorship

David Hawkins @papacuppa

Unreadit is an awesome little creator-focused curation newsletter and I thought I’d reach out for sponsorship opportunities. There are a number of newsletters available, targeted at different areas but I showed an interest in entrepreneur, design, and indiemakers.

I thought that the design category would be the best for Dokyu, but was interested in testing my assumptions. The curator Fabrizio Rinaldi, suggested I sponsor all 3 for a good deal and I snapped it up.

The newsletters are still quite small but everything from the content, the communication and the vendor UX is really smooth. It’s a nice little service that I expect will really grow in popularity over the next year.

The promotions ran from the 7th - 8th January and although the newsletters are still small (at the moment), I had 44 leads visit my website and between 7 - 12 opt-ins as Mailchimp tracking can be imperfect.

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