December 12, 2019

Dokyu Selected As #1 Staff Pick on!

David Hawkins @papacuppa

From the Newsletter:

Hey guys,

I can't quite express how grateful the team and I are right now. Dokyu is blowing up on VideoHive after being selected as an Envato Staff Pick. This is the kind of recognition we've been looking for over the past 22 months of development, and it means I can now justify investing a lot more time in product development next year.

I hadn't realised, but it turns out Dokyu was promoted at the top of the Gift of Giving email promotion, so we got a little extra exposure still! You can see the email here if you're interested:

Thank you to the customer who forwarded the email, you know who you are! :) A BIG thank you to the team for helping out with the newsletter. And then another BIG thank you to the Envato Staff for selecting our item for the Gift of Giving promotion.

To everyone on the mailing list, enjoy your holidays soon, and I hope it's a nice recharge for a kick-ass 2020.

David Hawkins

How did I accomplish this?

See previous post on IndieHackers below. I would say it's the old chestnut: pour your heart and soul into creating quality products. But I'd add a caviat. The VideoHive marketplace on Envato isn't short of quality items. There are ONLY quality items, and their standards rise each year as more motion design template products enter the market.

This was on my mind before starting Dokyu, so I knew from the start that whatever I built, it would have to be something that would continue to be improved, and developed. (Rather than a one-time template deal that my other products on the marketplace are.) I hoped that this approach would give me an edge over time, and hopefully break through the noise to get some attention.

I've noticed other authors on VH taking this approach, with the 'free updates' selling point that doesn't just mean bug-fixes. The proposed value increases over time for perhaps the same pricepoint.

On other Envato marketplaces like CodeCanyon and Themeforest you have 'evergreen' products like Revolution Slider and the Enfold theme which have generated very good returns for the authors over the years. These weren't one-time deals, of course.

What did I learn?

In my industry at least, there's no alternative to working your arse off, because someone else is out there ready to steal your lunch money. More poignantly, there are a lot of people I sell alongside in countries far less comfortable and stable than mine (UK - notwithstanding Brexit), and so there's reason to believe there's a lot of people who would be more motivated than me to succeed. I imagine industries still predominantly national would be less competitive.

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