Dokyu Tours Onboarding Launched

Not many people read boring PDFs of documentation these days, so it's been on my mind to produce some in-line onboarding UX into Dokyu for teaching the basics. This is particularly true for Dokyu because it's used in After Effects rather than a browser.

From the start it's been top-of-mind to design Dokyu in a way that's just click-to-use simple, so hopefully the onboarding just gives people a little nudge in the right direction by producing the positive feedback of creating something quickly with the tool.

Before starting, I trawled Dribbble.com for modal and onboarding designs. I also read a lot of the content from https://www.trychameleon.com/ which was very helpful. It seems like a great service for those without a technical background, lacking time, or needing advanced analytics.

As the library of elements in Dokyu grows it also gets more overwhelming for new users, so another reason to take people by the hand when they need it at the start.

I've published 3 onboarding tours for the icons library, media library and masks library. Showing users how these three libraries work covers most of the workflow tips needed for all 15 libraries.

More will be coming down the road!

I published my design to Dribbble right here: https://dribbble.com/shots/7085185-Dokyu-Motion-Onboarding-Modals

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