November 27, 2019

Envato Newsletters

David Hawkins @papacuppa

So this update begins on Nov 14th, I'm a little late updating it here. During the afternoon I noticed my traffic suddenly swelled. Looking at my analytics I could see it was coming from, where I sell Dokyu.

Looking into my analytics over there I notice that the traffic is designated as 'Envato Mailing List'. As it turns out, the senior VH reviewer I often speak with nominated Dokyu for a mailing list feature. And it was approved! Hooray.

Since then, someone else from Envato, a 'Customer Group Team Assistant,' has reached out to ask if I'd like to be involved in a promotional newsletter during December. Yes please!

I'll be honest, I've been pulling my hair out about finding the best way to promote Dokyu. I'm reasonably happy with my automated newsletter series now, and then interspersing that with custom-written promotions as and when; i.e. Black Friday.

But as for the best way to target my audience in order to attract them to my website in order to get to the sales funnel in the first place, well, I'm still working on that one.

So Envato arranging outbound promotions for Dokyu is effectively filling in my weak-spot right now.

But these are just one-offs and no reason to get complacent, so I'm still experimenting with a variety of organic (link-building, SEO) and paid routes (newsletter sponsorships, paid posts).

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