August 16, 2019

Finished VP (Viable Product)

David Hawkins @papacuppa

Milestone reached! 15 libraries alongside the 1,6 million images piped in from Pixabay and integrated with AE for import.

Technically, the product was available with fewer libraries before, but from the start I had 15 libraries as the VP for a well rounded 1-click template library for motion design.

Although the work doesn't stop, of course. It just means I switch gears to marketing over developing. Although bugs will be taken care of sharpish.

Phew! So that's 17 months since I started brainstorming for Dokyu. I still remember the first day I had a blank panel (app) in After Effects called 'Dokyu'. It meant so much! I've always been on the creator side of After Effects and never imagined developing something for the program I hold so dear. (With its foibles and all.)

I wrote a Medium piece detailing the 17 month journey:

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