October 9, 2019

New Feature Launched: Dokyu Video

David Hawkins @papacuppa

What is it:
Stock Videos in After Effects

After Effects is all about video post-production, so having access to video without leaving the software is a convenience

What does it cost?:
It's free! The videos comes courtesy of Pixabay; whose API I also use for images which my app gives people access to as well.

Longer version:

This took far longer to develop that I'd anticipated. What's new, right? In the end, I hired a small team of developers through Upwork to complete the integration. Then I finished off the styling to make things look just the way I want them to.

I wanted to explore something here on Indie Hackers that I think's important, and something a lot of SaaS founders think about:

To add features or not to add features (and focus on marketing).

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I've heard this debate now so many times - I think one was with Courtland Allen himself.

More often than not, the winner becomes marketing. Now that doesn't bode well for me sinking time and money into what is effectively a nice-to-have feature, when many might argue that my product is comprehensive enough (1,520 motion design elements that represent what is really being charged for) and that I really need to get my head into the marketing phase.

Add to that my tentative wariness of marketing generally and, well, I could very well fall into the trap of continuing to add features while running the product into the ground.

The hell of it is, I have written down my marketing strategy and it's highly actionable. Basically, free services to YouTuber influencers in exchange for mentions combined with Facebook ads. It's not rocket science. I also have some marketing-only funds set aside for when I get my act together.

The truth is, I just freakin' love building stuff and working it out (even though I have a long way to go with most stuff) and don't want to lose interest with marketing. I also don't want to give away my baby to an agency and not understand why and how sales are generated.

Wow, perhaps I should have written this to a therapist. Haha!

Today's Top Milestones
  • Newsletter sponsorship thoughts
    The first newsletter I sponsored was The Slice, for just $10. That got me 8 mailing list signups. So next I tried Indie Letters, for $50. That got me
  • Accidental Hacker News launch: Reached 100 members
    100 paid* members, couldn't fit that in the milestone title. In total, we're now 203 strong :) "Thanks" (😂) to a random person for posting my launch
  • Revamped the landing page
    We recently revamped our landing page in preparation of our official launch of Showwcase. We're finally at the stage where we want to publicly share S
  • Made the MVP
    Hey everyone! I had some progress. In 3ish days, I made the MVP which is a simple chrome extension that shows 10 recent bookmarks in your twitter feed
  • Relaunch success! First sale 💸
    It's been four months since we shut down the first version of Lowdown and two months since we launched Lowdown 2.0 into beta. Closing the first versio
  • New pricing
    Today we decided to lower our pricing for our website monitoring plans to be more competitive in this crowded market. Our cheapest plan is now 5 euro.
  • We are the first community on AppSumo!
    We applied to AppSumo a couple of months ago. We were not too hopeful as AppSumo typically features SaaS products. However, a couple of weeks back App
  • It has a name!
    After months under a codename, our freedom of speech based, full open-sourced YouTube alternative now has a name. Veems (https://veems.tv) It doesn't
  • Launched on Product Hunt
    Launched on Product Hunt! This is the second time I'm releasing on Product Hunt. This time it's much earlier, much smaller scale. Like Inksprout is mi
  • Fiddy Weekly (27/11/2020)
    The Black Friday edition of the Fiddy Weekly newsletter just went out. Unfortunately, since I’m not charging you money - I can’t offer you any discoun