December 15, 2019

'Weekly Top Seller' on VideoHive Badge

David Hawkins @papacuppa

The Envato marketplaces have a good little feature to give authors a morale boost. Certain milestones unlock badges. The 2 day promotion I wrote about in another post has now finished, and when I logged in this morning to update my sales page, this badge greeted me.

This surprised me actually, because although I was very happy with Dokyu's performance in the email promotion, there are a number of established products which I know sell very high volumes consistently.

We generated 100 sales of Dokyu over the two days. (I'm serious, it was no more, no less). Then there were a few sales of older templates I have in my portfolio.

Although badges implemented badly have given gamification a reputation for a weak user experience, this badge gives me better context on how I'm performing relative to the whole marketplace.

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