First small launch of the site!

Wow a lot of things have happened last week, this has been the most fun I've had in a while.

  • Improved reliability of the backend and changed the design significantly at least 3 times. Design is my biggest challenge personally, but I'm happy with the current result.
  • Decided to rename the project in the middle of the night from tlds.cool to domain.garden (& then haggled over a price for the domain with the previous owner in china).
  • Shared the project with small reddit & forum communities that buy domain names as investments, to test the idea with power users. Got positive results, and a better understanding what they look for.
  • Shared it on Indie Hackers, got a lot of positive feedback about the idea. Visit counts are not very high in total (about 400), but it's enough to work with for now I think.
  • Made a passing comment on Hacker News, that resulted in more clicks than I thought. It's interesting, among tech people a lot have opinions about domain names (like either love new domains or stick with .com always).

What I want to figure out next:

  • What is the user retention? How often do people actually browse domain names? A sentence I often heard is "I'll definitely use this next time I'm starting a project".
  • How to make money from this? How many users click on affiliate links, is this sustainable?
  • Is is possible to approach companies in the domain name space for better integrations and revenue partnerships?
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