August 26, 2019

Came up with my idea

Kevin Elliott @kevinelliott

In the past I built products that I thought other people would want. I dreamed up solutions for problems that I heard other people talk about. In the end, some of these products were successful, and some of them total failures. What was common was that the passion wasn't always there.

I wasn't dogfooding my own products. I was solving other people's problems. While some of my products were helpful to me, most of them weren't. The result of not dogfooding is that you tend to misunderstand the problems you are solving because you can only reach out to others to understand the needs.

My new idea is a product that solves my own problems too. I buy and sit on a lot of domain names, some for building products and others for selling to others for a profit. There are a lot of places to register domains and the prices are constantly changing. The new product, called Domz, allows you to see the latest and best pricing for registering domains across a large number of service providers.

I'm excited to get started, initially just building this as a side project on the weekends.

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