January 20, 2020

Came up with my idea: doneday.xyz

Vu Pham @vupham2909

I follow Indiehackers since 2016 and want to become one. Most of my idea not turned into action. I worked with some of them but give up after some months, then start with the new one. There are many different lessons learned but I prefer to have a dedicated post to talk about it.

I read the other milestone and goals on Indiehackers, that motivates me a lot to jump right back to this track. Now I know where to meet the right people who share the same path that I could learn from, and talk with.

My first side project app in 2020 should be simple and viable, to meet the following points:

  1. I write code by myself. I have to start all the building blocks for the SaaS application. The simple app helps me iron out the technical decision faster without facing too many learning curves.
  2. The simple app MVP could help me build and launch faster. Getting active users and having feedback is more important for my experience.
  3. The app should be useful for me, things that I do use every day.

Three days ago, I found an idea that got all the tick: Doneday.xyz. It is "Done for the Day". People usually use this to say to their colleagues when they are leaving the office. When you can say that it is enough for your day without any doubt about your productivity, it is good. I want to bring more of these days to me and the other, by making use of an app about productivity. It should be a combination of To-Do list, Don't-Do list, and Done list. Add up some extra time management practices might be useful.

I will spend on this side project 16 hours per week, and keep updating my progress at least once per week.

My task this week is to define an MVP.

I'm excited for what comes next!

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