October 9, 2019

Launched no login todo manager

Kamban @kambanthemaker

I needed a simple light weight todo manager where sharing is built into its heart. I already use powerful todo managers, project management tools, but I often need to collaborate with people outside of my team where they will be using altogether different todo tools. I then decided to build a simple todo tool that can be shared without asking user to sign in. https://donetogether.io

This can be used on top of existing tools. Focus is to mainly let users share a link to share the todo items.You can now group by assignee or due date. Hide columns if you don't need. Based on user feedback, I can build more features.

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    Very clean and professional looking. Clearly laid out and is intriguing to use. How secure is it though due to it just being a public shareable link?

    Also what is the date picker you're using? It's beautiful - at a guess it's FlatPickr but not 100% sure

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      Thank you, the pages can’t be indexed by search engines. Meaning only when you have the URL, you can access. In the future I am planning to introduce optional password protection for people who need extra layer of security. You are right about the FlatPickr. I am planning to introduce minor features like progress bar, stay tuned!