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We noticed that people have a really bad experience with making choices in groups. We decided to create an MVP to help them do that better. Turns out: a lot of different sectors have a huge need for real time surveys.

September 9, 2020 Acquired our first 2x MRR customer

We recently increased the price of our most popular paid plan by 50%. Each time a new customer signs up to that, we get paid significantly more.

Our lowest paid tier is our most popular

The breakdown of customers on paid plans on doopoll is as follows:

Breakdown of paid plans

Previously, the pricing of that was:

Solo – £9/mo
Plus – £40/mo
Super – £100/mo

Back in January, we began to focus more deeply on acquiring customers through organic search. That strategy has definitely paid off. Here's our organic traffic for the past year.

Organic traffic on doopoll

Roughly 1 in 20 free signups to doopoll converts to paid at the moment – and that usually happens within 14 days.

So the growth is good.

The mechanics of growth on a low-cost tier are hard

We saw that the majority of people were signing up to the Solo plan initially because our funnel is great at getting them to that point.

The customer profile of that plan is usually individuals looking to do a single survey which means that it also has a high churn after the first month and an almost 100% churn after month 2. So LTV between £9-18 on average.

We're not hugely concerned about that because it's the nature of survey tools: individuals need surveys sporadically, but organisations (the bulk of the business) pay more and use for a lot longer.

If we ever want to get paid traffic to convert to that plan, the maximum CAC we could spend previously would be £6 – which is not good viable when the paid channels for survey tools are so hotly contested.

We increased the acceptable CAC

The headspace that those £9 signups were taking plus the low acceptable CAC that we had to play with meant that increasing the price of that tier was the only logical move.

So we did. It went from £9 to £15.

We just had our first signup to the new pricing and no complaints from any users to say that it's unacceptable.

This means that we can now potentially spend £10 to acquire a new customer on that tier. Or we can continue to acquire them organically.

But either way, we're expecting this will have a great impact on the MRR in the long term.

August 17, 2020 $15K MRR ✅

Over the past few months at doopoll, we focused on converting organic signups to paid accounts more efficiently.

We tried a bunch of stuff.

One particularly successful test that we ran was sending personal welcome videos to increase conversions from new signups. That was a lot of fun. I wrote about it here – we saw an increase of 2.13% to paid users.

And the other thing that we did was to fix an error in some microcopy that meant that people chose a higher value package when signing up. I have some stuff that I'll share in more detail about that soon.



June 2, 2020 Just passed $14K MRR

Bangarang everybody!


We just surpassed $14K MRR. We added:

1 x new enterprise customer
1 x expansion enterprise customer
1 x reactivation enterprise customer
3 x SME customers

Those SME customers came through after a small CRO change and we're currently seeing 1 new customer per business day.

Long live the trend!

May 12, 2020 Processed 400K responses, made front page news

Earlier this month, I posted about how we'd started a project with a customer of ours where they shared a survey embed on the front page of pretty much every major UK regional newspaper website. Here's a link with my excitement explosion in it.

That series of surveys appeared on crazy high volume websites taking us from 1.7M votes cast all time (a vote is an option chosen on a question) to 16M votes in under 5 days.

Overall, we collected 400K survey responses across 42 publications making this the biggest set of data about how Britons feel about lockdown policies of both the UK and Devolved governments in the UK (The UK actually has four governments).

Our customer wrote news articles about each of the surveys (there was one for each publication). These all made front page news too. Here's the one from the Liverpool Echo

Needless to say, all the graphs we use to monitor doopoll look insane. Check this one out of all time responses. The scale got auto-calculated in E numbers it's such rapid growth.

All time votes on doopoll

There's a lot more to say about this project in terms of engineering challenges that we faced and I hope that James, our product developer and all round superhuman, is going to write something about that before long.

Anyway, totally pumped as always

May 7, 2020 Sharing metrics on Indiehackers 🔥

Hey there,

Long time participator in the forum (@iammarcthomas) but to date, we've never shared metrics about revenue publicly.

But we decided it's time to come out of the shadows and show people how we're doing, the challenges we're facing and the growth of doopoll.

We'll be sharing our numbers as self-reported because a lot of our payments are from invoiced customers and we don't handle that through Stripe.

It's been an exciting ride to date and now we're pumped to start sharing our journey with the world.

Hello, friend!

We noticed that people have a really bad experience with making choices in groups. We decided to create an MVP to help them do that better. Turns out: a lot of different sectors have a huge need for real time surveys.