October 31, 2020


Jerry ⚡ @jerryalex

I never thought I would get an acquisition offer. That changed a few weeks ago when I received an innocuous contact from someone I knew about in my industry. I decided to take the offer as there was much left to do in the app and I wasn't terribly interested in the project anymore. Win-win for both of us.

Although the dollar amount is small and not life changing, it's encouraging to get feedback so early in the build process. This is one of my first software products so I'm elated!

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    Congratz on the acquisition.

    Can you tell a bit about what it made attractive to get aquired? Was it because of the idea, your customer base or something else?

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    Hey Jerry, congratulations on the sale! I run a newsletter called Alternative Assets and am planning on doing an upcoming issue on "off-platform" deals like yours. I'd love to interview you as part of the piece if you're interested. DM me or reply if you'd be keen to have a chat!


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    Hey Jerry! Many congrats! I am too very interested in real estate.

    Would you mind telling a bit of your product and how did you reach out and validate with initial beta and later with paying customers?

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    Can you tell us how much time you spent on v1&2 before you got it acquired?

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    Well done! A win is a win and always a new starting point. Congrats...