September 27, 2019

First sales/feedback campaign

Luke Duncan @lukewduncan

Yesterday, September 25th - we launched our first cold email sales campaign. We were meant to run this last week, but having a 4-month old and a full-time job can really take up your time!

But onto the sales campaign. We went through the biggest wedding vendor event in Houston and scraped their vendor directory and collected close to 120 emails from companies ranging from photographers to catering to decorators for events (our target market)

For this campaign, we only used 75 of those emails. We split up those emails into groups of 3 (so 25 emails in each "cohort). Our goal was to test different messaging and ways of reaching out to these businesses.

Our first set of emails, we used the One Question email ( Out of this, we received a 61% open rate, in which 22% replied.

The second batch of emails, we went a little more formal. We simply asked these people for advice and what they thought about Dottie. So far this has been pretty great. We received an 89% open rate, and 59% response rate.

Our third and final batch, we sent out an email with a sign up link giving life-time access to Dottie. This was just so we could get people using the product. It had a 76% open rate, but nobody replied and nobody has yet to sign up.

From the feedback we got from responses, we have some great insight to incorporate into our product. And the best thing is we potentially have 3 customers willing to pay.

We now have approximately 50 more emails that we can cold email. Based on our feedback, asking for advice is giving us the best response rate and opens up friendly conversations with potential customers.

Regardless, it was a good little exercise that we hope to expand :)

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