September 12, 2019

Launching and acquiring our first user!

Luke Duncan @lukewduncan

After 8 long months - balancing full-time jobs, a new addition to our family and life, we managed to build all our MVP features and launch Dottie to the world wide web.

We acquired our first (free) user who is a close friend who owns an event based business. They provided their feedback on the product - and also gave us a nice testimonial to use in our marketing pages and sales decks.

We are super excited to get this in front of more people and will be rolling out a sales campaign soon. We have built a list of businesses in the events industry located in Houston, Texas. The list has been filtered by businesses that we want feedback from (our friends connections), and businesses that we are targeting to earn our first paying customers .

The connections we have on our list, we will be giving away our services for free so that we gain feedback, improve the product, and hopefully get a good base of initial users.

Regardless, since me and my wife are building this in our free time, and we both have full-time jobs - we are in no rush to acquire paying customers. We are enjoying building this product together and hope to make it the best it can be. Look forward to providing more updates as we start our sales campaign :)

Today's Top Milestones
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