October 15, 2019

Trying a new content tactic

Luke Duncan @lukewduncan

So in our past update we posted about our first sales campaign. While our response rate has been very good (15-20%) - we've found it really hard to convert these people we have targeted because they are happy with their current solution. But we've managed to get great feedback on the product, and maybe one or two users.

Through the sales outreach - we've realized it's easier to talk to individually owned companies (a person that owns their own photography studio, or rental company) - instead of a company that has a bunch of decision makers.

For a new tactic, alongside our sales campaigns we are still running and tweaking - we are going to start creating content focused on these solo-run businesses.

This tactic is more a long-term play where we highlight these companies, and interview them asking about the highs and lows of running your own business in Houston. The goal here - is to hopefully get future entrepreneurs onto the blog where they can find inspiration and contacts to reach out to locally. Then in turn, Dottie is in their mind when they need an invoicing solution.

We have built a list of these individually owned companies based in Houston. Our first outreach to these people will be through email. We definitely want to hop on a call with them to discuss the opportunity, but if timing is an issue - we will send them the questions that they can answer in their own time.

This content will then be featured on our blog that we are calling an "Interview Series". This is obviously a lot of work - but we think it's going to help us attain more feedback and hopefully more users.

Thanks for reading! If you know anyone that runs their own event business - would love to talk with them. And if you have any questions, or even feedback for us - we'd love to hear it.

Talk to you soon.

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