October 28, 2019

We are pivoting...

Luke Duncan @lukewduncan

Ok so I know I only posted last week that we were going to try a new marketing tactic to add to our growth machine. But we’ve decided that Dottie is just not a good fit for the events industry. While we’ve received awesome feedback from event companies and people think the product looks great - most established event businesses are set in their ways when it comes to invoicing and proposals. We think we could become established for individuals beginning their own event companies, but as of right now it’s just too hard to find them and we want to make money NOW so we're going to pivot to try and accomplish that.

Both myself, my wife and a friend that is helping (more to come on that below) have experience in freelance marketing and software development. And we know a lot of people that are currently freelancers. So we think we have enough knowledge to build out the product to cater to that niche.

In other news, I’ve had a friend join me in building the product. They have been learning to code - and instead of just doing tutorial after tutorial, I thought it would be beneficial for him to work on an actual product. We’ve already merged his first pull request into the code base! It's not his full-time job so he will be helping when he can. I'll tag him in here once he creates his Indie Hackers account :)

Moving forward we are going to be spending the next few weeks focusing our landing pages and aligning the product with freelancers. If you know anyone that freelances and is in need of an invoicing system - I would love to speak with them.