Live Website Launched

I'd originally estimated about 3 months to develop a working version of the site - it turned that this was an underestimation and took three times as long...

We had two children under the age of 4, I was working on this as a side project while working almost full time for clients at my web development company and my wife was also working... in retrospect I don't know how I this got completed at all!

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    I've seen several similar services, but really like the looks/message of yours. However, your free plan seems incredibly generous (who needs over 60 websites?). There are a lot of different Pro plans, and I find it hard to see the difference. They seem very cheap overall, is that the price per website?

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      Thanks for checking us out and glad that you like the look of the service!

      I chose 60 sites for the free plan because it means we offer a larger free plan than any of the major players in the space.

      For the Pro plans all the plans have the same Pro features and the price of the plan is dictated by the number of sites you can monitor. So for the Pro1000 you can monitor 1000 sites with full Pro features and for the Pro10 you can monitor 10 sites with exactly the same Pro features.

      I had a bunch of requests for really small Pro plans from people who have one or two sites but want the Pro features so I added the Pro1 and Pro10 plans for this. Yes they are incredibly cheap (the price is not per site but for the whole plan) as I wanted to appeal to people who may not otherwise pay for a Pro account.

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