November 8, 2019

New Pro Plans for EU Individuals

Ryan Glass @ryanGlass

Previously Downtime Monkey's paid services were only available in the EU to VAT registered businesses, now they are available to everyone. Here's why...

As most of you here will be aware services that are 100% electronic are taxed differently from physical products or services. The main difference is that some countries collect tax in the country of the customer, as opposed to the country of the business that provides the service.

Back in 2017 when I first set things up the EU had no de minimus (i.e. no minimum threshold for VAT). Registering for VAT in lots of countries was unmanageable and the VAT MOSS scheme wasn't an option either. So there was too much red tape to providing paid services to individuals in the region.

However we really wanted to offer our service in the EU and we were able to provide paid services to VAT registered businesses by zero rating and reverse charging the VAT. This wasn't perfect as it excluded individuals and added some friction to EU payments (having to provide VAT number).

Earlier this week I looked again and saw that I'd missed a rule change that came out on 1st Jan (doh!). The EU now has a de minimus of €10,000!

Luckily I'd set things up so it was a really easy change - a few fields in the database were updated and we're now offering Pro Plans to everyone in the EU individuals.

Full blog post here:

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