September 24, 2019

Hardware Product: Got my first orders!


I just did a quiet soft-launch, no promotion on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Product Hunt yet.

I posted my updated/final website design about 1st week of August after getting excellent feedback and comments from IH users. Submitted URL to Google Search then forgot about it as I had other projects to do.

About (18) hrs ago, I posted a (1) minute video clip to my Instagram page. I just needed some content to keep the IG algorithm gods happy.

That stupid video clip is just me, pressing the buttons repeatedly on this product. That IG post is currently getting traction, resulting (272) likes, and (34) visits to my Insta profile page, and (3) visits to my website.

In the past 24 hours, (12) people visited the website according to Analytics -- and I made my very first sale(s) for this product!!! Almost $600 generated, some ordering multiple quantities, and other ancillary products. I'm just happy, I'll take that, thank you!

This has given me confidence boost and product validation that there are people who think it's worthy and liked this product enough to buy it. I also struggled a lot with pricing decision, and I thought raising the price a few dollars more is the right call.

I also checked Google search, and I went from non-existent to ranking page 2 on my chosen keywords.

Next Steps: I'll start building up my parts inventory and maybe next month start running some Google Ads.

That's all for now... I say keep grinding to my fellow Indie Hackers!

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