January 28, 2021

100 Sign Ups


Started with a soft posting in marketing-related Facebook Groups with asking to comment to get an invitation.

It resulted in a hundred comments so far + tens of people found my website themselves (I didn't provide a link to it in the post).

Also reached out to some of the marketers I worked with before to demonstrate the product wiring the calls and get feedback.

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    That's awesome - I've found that Facebook groups are really great for this as well :)

    1. 1

      Sometimes they are, but sometimes they deliver zero outcomes :) Even with the same sizes of audiences in them

Today's Top Milestones
  • Migrate to Nuxt SSR
    It was great being online, but the site wasn't doing as well as it could do because it wasn't server-rendered. Very kindly Alex Lichter from the Nuxt
  • Start the development
    In 2016 I built a time-tracking app for android. At that time, I was learning programming and the goal for the app was just to practice the skills. Fo