September 29, 2020

Got featured on Starter Story this week

Junaid Ansari @JunaidBhai

It was a great experience to be interviewed by @patwalls on how we validated the idea behind, the trial & errors on the road to automating it to $7.5k MRR. You can read all about it here in detail:

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    This is fantastic. As a company who JUST launched our podcast application I’ve been craving podcasts about things like this. Well done!

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    Thanks for sharing your story and congrats on all your success!!

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      Thanks for your well wishes, Pat.

Today's Top Milestones
  • New library - ICONZ
    I am so happy to announce that we created a new premium 3D library ICONZ 🎉 🎉 After months of work and preparation, it is finally here. I believe ICO