December 4, 2019

0 - 1000 Site Visitors In 11 Days.

Martin Ryden @Ryden

So today it's 11 days since I first launched my project
(Where I post 1 free template every day until Christmas).

I'm happy to see that people really seem to like this.

From the start I wasn't even planning on publishing these templates publicly on Twitter/IndieHackers. I've never done something like this before but now I am happy that I did do this in public instead of keeping it to myself.

Basically all the visitors come from Twitter & IndieHackers so far. Some retweets on twitter has given me the most exposure.

Just from the initial traction and response, I'm thinking if this could be something more than just a side project. Too early to say right now, but we will see in the future.


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