January 15, 2020

Lessons from creating 31Carrd templates in 31 days

Martin Ryden @Ryden
  • Function beats design. Many of the templates that I thought looked much better or that just took me a longer time to make didn't get as many transfer requests as some with really good function (like a sign up page).

  • Timing matters more than you think.
    I posted on Twitter and Indiehackers everyday and thought that the time I posted wouldn't matter so much but I was completely wrong. - - Post early, get early engagement.

  • Just producing a good product is not enough, even if it's free.
    A product is nothing without the right delivery/marketing.

  • Just because something has limitations doesn't mean that it's a bad thing. Limitations can often bring out creativity.
    Twitter has limitations on letters, Carrd has on features/modifications.

  • People are lurking in the back way more than you think. 99% of the people on social media doesn't produce content or even engage in content. They just lurk around in the background.

  • It's hard to see the true value of something if you haven't experienced it. no matter how much you've read or heard about it, it's always different to experience it for yourself.

  • It's easier for your creative work to get known if you apply it to trends instead of saturated markets. (It also doesn't have to be as good, i.e. less competition.)

  • Something that's easy/small to one person could be hard/big to someone else.

  • When creativity strikes get down as much on your computer/paper as possible without worrying about any details. It's much easier to fine tune something good than coming up with something new from scratch.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Launched LunarSight on the App Store
    I started working on LunarSight on September 2020. Initially, I wanted to build the app as a cross-platform desktop one, but I decided against it and
  • 7 days, 2 great demos, 2 different user groups
    In the past week, I demoed DCDR to two groups, both of whom had been users of the original app. These were very different types of organization, which
  • First paying customer!
    3 days after launch we got our first paying customer! I read here before about how great that first "Payment of .. " email from stripe feels, but I wa
  • My Dad Subscribed!
    My dad is an 80-year-old indie hacker, entrepreneur, and retired software engineer. He wanted to know how his daughter's Scrappy MarTech newsletter pr
  • First $1,000
    Took me 2 months to reach this goal! Made my first $1000 from a Side Project sold on Gumroad ! It's time to improve the product, add new TailwindCSS c
  • Just launched a new website
    I created this website to validate if people are interested in UX research tool. I'm not a developer. My goal is to validate if there is a space to cr
  • That DARN Pod launch
    DARN stands for Digital Agency Referral Network. Vidpros provides both white label and affiliate partnerships to other agencies. This podcast is a way
  • 38 000 000 daily served video ad impressions
    AdPlayer.Pro, a global outstream video advertising solutions provider, reached the benchmark of 38 000 000 daily video ad impressions, served in direc
  • 5th Paying Customer
    Admittedly, a couple of these first paying customers are family, but a couple are just people I have connected with via Twitter who really love the id
  • Growing Well
    It's been a long slog to get here, but OgyMogy just passed 200 signups! This has been the result of several efforts, including blogging, social media