October 17, 2019

Demo-ed To a Colleague

Toby @VirArborem

Recent podcasts--and the book "Traction"--have convinced me that I need to be less shy about getting feedback from the people my product is for. So, I asked a colleague if I could sit her down and show her what I was doing.

I prepped for the demo in two ways.

On Monday, I gave her the forms I use to keep track of vocabulary in my classes and explained how I used them and said "if you bring some vocab lists to the meeting on Wednesday, I'll show you what I do with it."

Also, I asked her for a copy of a worksheet she makes now, to scan in the header she's been using, then, I had to add offer codes to the site (something I've been meaning to do), and made an offer code for her that would automatically setup users who signed up with the offer code with the header as default.

So, on Wednesday I sat down with her and we went through the signup. We set up a class for her and made a first worksheet. She was impressed with the ease of use and the automatic formatting (three of the words she added to her class weren't in the system, yet, but that means it saved her time on the formatting and nine words...)

I think the prep I did was worth it. She says she'd like to use it, but I know that making something new a part of your routine is hard. I'll try to ask her about it gently next week, but her response was great.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Weekly Update #9
    Big news this week for the marketing team - we successfully hired and are onboarding a new content manager that will help get our content to the next