August 21, 2019

Got my first paying customer!

Danny Aziz @Dannyaziz97

All thanks to indie hackers and contributing to the community I was able to connect with somebody (A fellow indie hacker) who needed Dynamic Image for his website.

I haven't even finished the product (The backend works, there are a few bugs that thankfully the customer is patient with 🙏)

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    Congrats my man! Onto the next one :)

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    Great news brother. Keep up the good work.

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      Thanks, brother. You too!

  3. 2

    Congratulations bro... We keep pushing!

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    Great job! Well done !

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    I would show the URL (and make it shorter) instead of making user go through the source, it will appeal to less tech-savy people!

    I can see any person, not just developers, using this in their newsletter etc. even individuals on their social media posts

    1. 1

      Makes so much sense, thanks for the suggestion Eralp 👍🏽

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    Nice hustle congrats!

    1. 2

      Thanks, @Mubs - It all happened because of your post the other day. So I've got you to thank for it!

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        Haha wouldn't have happened if you hadn't been hustling! Happy I was there grease the wheels a little.

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    That's a cool service!

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    Great way to leverage the network! Congrats.

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    This is a great idea, congrats. Does it allow to host the images elsewhere instead of dynamic image server?

    1. 1

      That is definitely possible. At the moment, when an image is generated it actually gets saved to a CDN and if those same parameters are requested again then the saved version gets served

      Is this something you would be interested in?

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    Great job. take your time you will fix the bugs

    1. 2

      Thanks! Got quite a few of them fixed already but then more popped up! It's all a learning process

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    That's great, Danny!! Keep us posted! :)

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    Awesome work, Danny! :D

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    Well done Danny! It's the beginning of a fun world!!

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      Thanks, Nitesh - I'm excited 🚀

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    Building a product is great, getting people paying for it is an incredible feeling! Congratulations!

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      That's for sure! Thanks

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    Cherish this one. Your customer is one that understandings you and had a lot of patience.
    Onwards to the next one!

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      You're totally right, thanks Edwin!

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    Congratulations! Keep it on.

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    That feeling just be awesome! The app is also pretty cool! Not something I would probably use regularly, but really cool none the less!

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      Thanks a lot, Tom. Yea it has a very specific use case I guess

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    Amazing! Must feel huge! Keep on hustling :)

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      Thanks, feels crazy. You too!

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    Congratulations! That was quick, have you tried Hacker News?

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      Thanks, it was surprisingly quick, I thought it takes me a few months or something to get the ball rolling.

      Waiting for my product to actually be ready before putting it out there, for this first customer I literally had to by hand create the image (manually typing in the coordinates of all the different element )

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    Congrats!!! keep grinding

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      Thanks! I will do, you too!

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    Man, congrats! That feeling must be awesome!

    Hopefully, I'll be there too with Caliverse one day 😀 I know that a lot of customers are ready to use it your product if it's free but when it comes to money - they are not so open anymore.

    1. 2

      Thanks, man I appreciate it.

      Just checked out Caliverse, the first thing that stood out was the main tagline wasn't very informative "Hey, have you met Caliverse?" doesn't tell me much - maybe change it to something a bit more informative but also catching?

      Hope that helps

      1. 1

        Hmm, well that actually makes sense to make the main tagline as clear as possible about the best features my app has!

        Thank you for this suggestion! Will definitely update description!

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      🚀🚀 Thanks, Ruben

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    That's amazing, well done!! 🔥 I can't wait for that day with !! Must be a nice feeling!

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      Thanks, Alan - You'll get there soon, keep at it!
      More than happy to provide some feedback if you want it

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        That would be great! Release date is 31st August so i'm still tidying up and finishing the last parts of the app, but the promotional site as above is pretty much done.

        1. 2

          Just signed up and played around, where would you like to me send the feedback? Here?

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            Just saw your sign-up come through. Keep in mind it's still in development and some of the stuff in there that's "live" doesn't work ATM.

            You could email me it, might be a bit better even -> [email protected]

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              Just emailed you 📥

              1. 1

                Got it ! Sent a reply dude! Really appreciate this - AWESOME!! Gonna give you a follow on Twitter. Be nice to follow your progress as well

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