October 1, 2020

Landing page

Simon Chiu @geetfun

Redesigned the landing page:

👉Link: https://eager.app


  • Used Wordpress
  • A lot of broken links


  • Moved over to a static website (powered by gohugo.io). My reasons for this was because I am terrible with design in Wordpress. I preferred plain HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
  • Trimmed down the number of pages, but added a lot more content per page.

Some lessons learned:

  • I don't like Wordpress, but you get a lot of things out of the box especially in terms ensuring your content is SEO semantically correct. I had to do a lot of these things manually, which ended up taking a lot longer than I'd like
  • I wished I started with a mock up. Unfortunately, I don't have a UX designer for this.
  • Created the landing page waaaaay too late in the product development cycle. I have some prelaunch emails, but nearly not as many as I'd like.

Would appreciate any feedback on the new website 🙏 ❤️: https://eager.app

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    Same thing here, using Jekyll. Hosted it on Netlify, and then added CloudFlare on top of everything for even faster loading times.

    1. 1

      Love static sites. Very configurable (double edged sword -- too much configurability but also easier in many ways).

      • Netlify/Cloudflare. I also tried Vercel as well as Cloudflare Worker Sites.

      Pretty much any combo is very fast (straight flat files)!