August 26, 2019

50k App Downloads

Mark O'Nolan @marknolan

"Early Learning App for Kids" is a simple android app for pre-school kids to learn ABC, numbers, fruit names, animal names, colors & rhymes.

While there are many learning apps for kids, these apps were fairly complex for kids to navigate through. With careful research and feedback, I have designed my app to make it really simple for kids to navigate. The app works offline.

2 months since launch, I am proud to share below results :

  • 50k app downloads
  • 4.8k daily active users
  • Top Installed Country - India
  • Ranked #64 on "Top Free" apps in "Education" category in India on Play Store

All the installs till date are organic and I have never spent a penny on paid ads. Lot of users of the apps are sharing the app with other people and that is helping my app get more and more users.

There is still a lot of room for improvement. The LTV of the app is not very high as the learning content is limited. I am planning to add some puzzles and engaging features such as musical instruments, etc. on the app.

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Today's Top Milestones
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    Part of our value prop at Respo is that we only send you questions/answers from messages that you should have access to (aka. we don't violate Slack's