August 20, 2019

Version 4.0 - ASP.NET Core


ASP.NET Core is a totally redesigned version of ASP.NET platform. It got very good reviews from the beginning, so we decided to jump in and create a new edition of EasyQuery for it.
About half a year of hard work and the new version was released.

Unfortunately, we were in vain in such a hurry to support ASP.NET Core. Yes, the new framework got good traction and it will definitely overpass (in terms of popularity among the developers) the old ASP.NET MVC in the near future. However, we still (in 2 years after the release) sale more licenses for old .NET Framework than for Core.
Moreover, since we split our code into 2 branches (old version for .NET Framework and the new one - for .NET Core) the maintenance costs became higher.

I guess the right decision back there in 2017 would be to redesign the current code at first make it cleaner, add the features our users asked for and only then port it to .NET Core without splitting.

However, it was not that bad of course. We learned a lot. We totally redesigned the server-side part of the library (it helped later when we finally moved to version 5.0) and closed a lot of our technical debts. We also moved to the new CI/CD/issue tracking system (Azure DevOps) and totally re-organized the development process.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Using partial features without registration
    Some people might not want to create an account, because it takes time and effort. Now we have made some of our features free in terms of accessibilit