January 19, 2020

Approaching launch within the next few days

Wizcoder @eatradar

A lot has happened since my last update on December 26th, 2019. I last spoke about finishing the user account system which is great.

Continuing from there, I implemented a paywall for pro-only features and of course that took some work but it's all sorted now.

Next I proceeded to fix browser cross-compatability bug, and general bugs.

The last major thing was designing and creating a script that would allow users to submit new stores to EatRadar menu. I plan to moderate all submissions to make sure the information is accurate. In order to do so, I do not make the submission live immediately until someone goes over it to confirm it's data.

Here is an image of that submission page that will be available from within the app itself


The last thing to do is fix mobile display and I will be finally ready to launch EatRadar. This has been an interesting journey and I hope that people will give the application a try. I also hope that it will be an app that people will find useful in their day to day.

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