December 24, 2019

Updated website copy & landing page

Wizcoder @eatradar

Hey posted a few days ago, received feedback and changed the website / upgraded as instructed.

few problems were:

  1. lack of explaining the application use
  2. what is the target audience
  3. non-ssl website
  4. readability issues
  5. non-proper cta button

Still facing the lack of email subscriptions issues. Only received 6 email subscriptions even though I had hundreds of unique viewers.

My goal is to help consumers navigate the jam-packed industry of restaurants and decide what is the best food/value for their money.

Question: Is my homepage product / app intention clear? Is it simply the lack of interest from people?

Still planning to launch in January with or without a lot of email list subscribers. If it does not pick up traction post-launch, I will mark it off as a portfolio project and move on.

Hope I could get some more feedback.


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