October 14, 2019


Alex Rodriguez @arod

I decided to build Electricianpath for a few reasons.

For context, I come from a construction background and have seen firsthand that people can build a [successful] career in the construction trades.

More so, in my previous startup (WorkMand); which was a marketplace for real estate pros to find contractors. I learned how many struggles to find qualified workers. When I tried finding a good resource they could tap into, I was surprised that there wasn't much out there to my surprise... And it's something I kept thinking about and eventually decided it should be build and it slowly became a side project as I did further customer development.

I'm working to launch an MVP sometime in October.

PS: If you are an electrician, aspiring electrician or work at a trade school or are hiring for electricians, I'd love to talk: [email protected]

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    Interesting project, Hope it will be a succesfull one, and if about electricians, you can find a lot of good electricians on the internet, of course you have to make a small research before you choose one, but it is not impossible. I know a company that has a lot of good professionals in this domain and I am sure you will find a good specialist there. Just search for them on https://bates-electric.com/locations/st-louis-mo/

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