November 15, 2019

Elevator featured in our first tech publication!

Paul Grimes @ok200paul

It's been a busy 2 weeks at Elevator ( since my last post: waiting list signups are slowly but surely ticking up which is great, I poured coffee on my laptop and needed to replace it which is not so great.. but we scored a really good write-up in an Australian tech publication called "The Shift - A Working Disruption", which is even better!

Link for the article is here if anyone is interested:

How did we do it? - well, we workshopped what the first publication should "be about", and reached out to the people behind it. We approached people in the journalism industry that we knew to try to ask for a connect. Use your network! Luckily the journalists latched on to the idea of Elevator, and over a couple of weeks we had coffee, a bit of lunch and a few other chats - they really wanted to ensure we're actually invested in the problem we're solving. It was quite time-consuming, but well worth it.

What did I learn? - sometimes (most times!) people aren't as invested in an idea as you are, and on top of that, the scope for them misunderstanding the concept is quite high. I needed to be very patient in getting the idea across, and explaining it multiple times in different ways becomes that I need to get used to doing. Kinda like musicians that go out every night and play the same set, again and again.. 🤘

That's me on the right, and Simon, my co-founder on the left! Give it a look! Thanks all.

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