January 3, 2020

Elthos RPG Is Live


I spent the past 24 years working on various phases of this project, teaching myself programming and database design, and working on this as a side hobby project for most of this time. It's been great and I've learned a tremendous amount about programming, game design, business development and all of the related things one needs to know to start their own business. I regret nothing!

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    24 years working sounds like Goethe's Faust

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      Yes indeed. But as role playing games are my favorite creative hobby, the project has served two purposes... one to create a business around my love of RPG, and the other is to actually enjoy RPGing itself. As for Faust, I hope I fare a little better than he did. lol.

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        If developers put only 10% of your efforts into their AAA titles... well, yours would still be more original. Best of luck to you. 24 years is impressive.

        You should document your journey in a book someday.

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          If I ever slow down enough to have the time to do that, I'd love to. It could go after the book on my 7 years on the road as a poetry writing artist hitch-hiking around the USA. That too has Stories. Believe me. :)

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      Thanks! That means a lot to me. I worked hard on this project for a long time. It's been a great project, keeping my mind focused on something other than the ailing world we live in. Especially now. So yeah, this is my focus. As I like to say ... Elthos is my Art Form. :)

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    Wow! This is actually super encouraging. I've been working on my product on and off for probably 12 years, mostly as a hobby. I started to think that maybe it could be more than a hobby a couple of years ago and just joined Indie Hackers hoping to get to a real launch someday. Anyway, I've been a little hesitant to admit how long I've been picking at it, nice to see somebody else on a similar path! :-)

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      Glad to hear you find this encouraging, mate. I work on this because I enjoy it. I think the product and service I have created are incredibly useful. It needs a bit of UI / UX work, but even as it is, it's a huge time saver for me as a Gamemaster, and fun to use. I know other people will think so if they give it a whirl. The problem, mainly, is getting the word out. Social Media has become a money sink for businesses, I think. You can't really get Organic Reach with a business page post on FB. When I post there my organic reach is usually 0 to 3 people. They want to get you to "Boost" your post. Originally they said $5 to reach 8 to 22 people. Wow! At that rate I'd go broke in three months. No thanks FB. The real problem, underlying my dilemma, is that I didn't want to go for VC, and lose ownership. I figured in the world of Social Media I should be able to make it on my own, and so I programmed the thing myself, and have been wearing all business hats. I have a perfectly lovely product and service, and the next great challenge is "how to get people to take note of the thing". I'm working on that now. If anyone has advice on this, feel free. I'm all ears. Anyway, thanks for your kind words, and best wishes on your success!

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    Wow. Ambitious!

    Kind of a bummer that I couldn't just jump into an existing world (don't think I am the type to set up a world and manage it). Waiting on an invite response. Maybe a quickstart of some type would be cool for newbies.

    Best of luck!

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      Hi wavve! I have worlds for GMs to start with as templates to build off of. They come with a basic set of stuff, such as weapons and armors, classes and skills. They are typically a basic genre, like Fantasy or Western, and I add a Campaign with a few adventures to show the GM how to structure things. You can sign up as a Free Marketplace GM, which means you don't pay a subscription, so instead of creating your own worlds you can purchase Worlds from the Marketplace. Once you buy a World you can re-shape it any way you want, though. Worlds can cost between $3 and, well, whatever the publishing GM wants to charge based on the amount of work they put into it. Elthos gets a commission on each sale of 24%. Premium GMs can create Worlds for Sale in the Worlds Marketplace. That said, since I am just getting started, there are only a few worlds to begin with. As the application gains popularity I expect there to be many more worlds by many GMs going forward.

      I think/hope I sent you an invite to my current Cosmic Sci-Fi Space Opera named "The Way of All Flesh" which I'm currently finishing writing and play testing with my friends.

      As for a QuickStart ... absolutely! I am trying to figure out how to present that best. Right now I have a World Builder's Guide which can be found off of the Information Page, but it is not quite front facing enough at the moment. I definitely want to figure out a better Glide Path for new users! Thanks!

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    Looks super cool -- good luck!

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      Thank you very much! I think it is super cool, actually. Hopefully, my intended audience will agree. My next goal: to figure out how to reach that audience without breaking my piggy bank. :)

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