January 3, 2020

Work Begins on the Elthos ODS


At this point I had a lovely working version of the Gamemaster Toolbox, which I used to run my own games. It was wonderful, but it was not something I could comfortably release to the public. I decided at this point to create a new version that would have a stronger more reliable code base. I chose ASP Net, and SQL Server as a back end.

I also started a local club for Gamemasters who were interested in the literary aspects of Role Playing Games, called the Literary RPG Society of Westchester. This went strong for quite a few years and during this period I decided to create a mini-system based on the original Elthos RPG Rules. The purpose was to allow us to try out small example game ideas in the Pub we were meeting at, without drawing too much attention to ourselves, and so I created the "One Die System" as a distillation of Elthos for this reason. However, I immediately realized that the new tighter and more modular system would be even more perfect for programming than the original Elthos Rules, and so that became the basis Rules system for the Mythos Machine.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Released a Freebie & New Logo
    Today while I was trying to figure out how to optimize the list for further expansions. I come up with a quick "analysis": Who changed their twitter b
  • MVD is online
    Just pushed the Minimum Viable Demo. You can find it on https://app.panopticash.com . It's a bit rough on the edges, but it conveys the idea. PanoptiC
  • Wrote first blogpost and got 12k views!!! 😳
    So, I wrote my first blogpost - it took a while until I was satisfied with it. But then I finished and I thought to myself "hey, this is good!" Thus,
  • 10 stars in 5 days on GitHub 🤩
    After releasing the first open-source version of Scaffold, 5 days ago, we already have 10 stars on GitHub. Scaffold is a framework to create a complet
  • Tags
    Group projects with simple tags to filter them on dashboard. https://twitter.com/newreleasesio/status/1309808902184284160
  • Submitting to the Chrome Web Store
    In order to make the process of updates and distribution easier, I've opted to make MetaScan a freemium product. So now validations are free to use bu
  • Soft launched on IH
    After building the application and pushing it live, I shared Rentify on IH for some initial feedback on the landing page. I received some good feedbac
  • Chose the idea
    I first gained the idea for Rentify from Kevin Conti’s software ideas newsletter. As a non- ideas man myself, it was great to have a well thought out