October 19, 2019

Happy versus unhappy

Ely Fornoville @elyfornoville

Two weeks after the launch of my personal website I am excited about the results so far. I never had the idea I would reach this amount of subscribers and I am hoping to get more. The only downside is that I focus so much on working on my other projects that I did not created time to finish and send out my first mailing towards my subscribers. A bit unhappy about this.

In the meanwhile I will keep posting on Indie Hackers with a few results;

  • Visits: 559 (+ 107)
  • Subscribers: 33 (+ 9)
  • Conversion rate: 5,9% (+ 0,6%)
  • Featured on Growth Hack List
  • First page on HN:SHOW for a day and 7 upvotes
  • Clients: Two new clients via Landing Page Specialist
  • Projects: Started a new project that I hope to launch next month

Finding time to work on personal things instead of being swamped with work is difficult. If anyone has great advice on how to do this better I am happy to listen.


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