October 19, 2019

Happy versus unhappy

Ely Fornoville @elyfornoville

Two weeks after the launch of my personal website I am excited about the results so far. I never had the idea I would reach this amount of subscribers and I am hoping to get more. The only downside is that I focus so much on working on my other projects that I did not created time to finish and send out my first mailing towards my subscribers. A bit unhappy about this.

In the meanwhile I will keep posting on Indie Hackers with a few results;

  • Visits: 559 (+ 107)
  • Subscribers: 33 (+ 9)
  • Conversion rate: 5,9% (+ 0,6%)
  • Featured on Growth Hack List
  • First page on HN:SHOW for a day and 7 upvotes
  • Clients: Two new clients via Landing Page Specialist
  • Projects: Started a new project that I hope to launch next month

Finding time to work on personal things instead of being swamped with work is difficult. If anyone has great advice on how to do this better I am happy to listen.


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    Funny, that i planned to start something very similar. I just recently decided to write simple blog for now. As looking at your blog - i see that it is working really well for you.
    Very good looking site.

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      Thank you for your feedback and positive comments. All the best to you with your project.

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    Awesome i love personal site as a service

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    This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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      Thank you very much. It's steadily growing.
      I worry about spending too much time on working on my personal projects and diving my time over personal projects, client work and working on my writing for the mailing of my personal website. It's something I am struggling with and not afraid to being transparant about it.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Newsletter sponsorship thoughts
    The first newsletter I sponsored was The Slice, for just $10. That got me 8 mailing list signups. So next I tried Indie Letters, for $50. That got me
  • Accidental Hacker News launch: Reached 100 members
    100 paid* members, couldn't fit that in the milestone title. In total, we're now 203 strong :) "Thanks" (😂) to a random person for posting my launch
  • Revamped the landing page
    We recently revamped our landing page in preparation of our official launch of Showwcase. We're finally at the stage where we want to publicly share S
  • Made the MVP
    Hey everyone! I had some progress. In 3ish days, I made the MVP which is a simple chrome extension that shows 10 recent bookmarks in your twitter feed
  • Relaunch success! First sale 💸
    It's been four months since we shut down the first version of Lowdown and two months since we launched Lowdown 2.0 into beta. Closing the first versio
  • New pricing
    Today we decided to lower our pricing for our website monitoring plans to be more competitive in this crowded market. Our cheapest plan is now 5 euro.
  • We are the first community on AppSumo!
    We applied to AppSumo a couple of months ago. We were not too hopeful as AppSumo typically features SaaS products. However, a couple of weeks back App
  • It has a name!
    After months under a codename, our freedom of speech based, full open-sourced YouTube alternative now has a name. Veems (https://veems.tv) It doesn't
  • Launched on Product Hunt
    Launched on Product Hunt! This is the second time I'm releasing on Product Hunt. This time it's much earlier, much smaller scale. Like Inksprout is mi
  • Fiddy Weekly (27/11/2020)
    The Black Friday edition of the Fiddy Weekly newsletter just went out. Unfortunately, since I’m not charging you money - I can’t offer you any discoun