November 22, 2020

Launched 4 questions for $20

Elyse Robinson @mselyserobinson

People keep asking me questions about moving overseas so here's your chance to do it. I'm offering help on any topic to include: immigration issues, going to college abroad, working abroad, how to get a job abroad, how much money do you realistically need to move overseas, and much more!

Today's Top Milestones
  • New Brand!
    Hey IH, it's been a while since I last posted an update about Leave Me Alone. We've all had a pretty crazy year and I kind of dropped off social media
  • Open report November - $200k ARR
    ✅ $200k ARR 💰 MRR: $17,549 (+51%) 🤯 💵 Revenue: $21,129 (+69%) 😱 😀 Customer Count: 185 (+ 20%) 💔 Churn: 13 (vs 20) 👋 New Trial: 950 (vs 840 ) 🔎
  • Looks Like its Sadly Over 😢
    2020 has been a struggle but we got hit with another blow yesterday with the news that our main supplier has decided to close its doors and not supply
  • Hit 1k ⭐️ on GitHub
    We hit 1k stars ⭐️ on GitHub today. Not a goal per se but that's really cool. Even a bit unreal to me, as I never had a project which reached that mil
  • Gumroad Launch
    Newsletter Creator is officially available on Gumroad Get it for a one time price of $79. this is the sheet I've used for 3 years to curate Influence
  • 900+ Users - Beta is rolling (Searching CTO)
    inlytics user base is growing and we have made our first $’s with the launch of the public beta. Now we are facing new challenges and are actively loo
  • 10'000'000'000 processed pings is a monitoring service for cron jobs and scheduled tasks. It listens for "pings" (tiny HTTP requests sent by clients on a regular sch
  • Beginning of the Story
    I had the idea to launch Beaver Writer for a while as content marketing has been key to building an audience and clientele in my past 2 Fintech startu
  • Convinced 17 founders to support We Care Social
    I started We Care Social three months ago to work on behalf of founders to help charities all over the world build their webs
  • Made Our Pricing More Transparent
    Haven't made an update in a while, so it's time to start again. It used to be the case that Insights had a pricing model that was logical to us - but