November 15, 2019

🎉 1st Paying Customer


I got my first customer for the weekly plan on my newsletter-as-a-service product!

This was from a previous client for whom I was doing email automations. He was having trouble finding new content to promote to his list every week and he saw the longer he spent without contacting his list the lower his overall open rates became.

I showed him how I'd doubled the open rates for a previous client with a redesigned weekly newsletter and sent a link to my landing page 👍

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      Thanks mate, how's the mailchimp email workflow going? I saw you had a milestone update about it a couple of weeks ago.

      1. 1

        They are working, but it's not as intuitive as I'd like. I need to get used to their workflow/model.

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          I know what you mean, mailchimp has the worst UI when it comes to automations. Active Campaign and Convertkit are much better. For example, AC lets you split-test your email headlines and body text so that you can refine your follow-up sequences without manually pausing and re-editing like you would have to do in Mailchimp.