October 13, 2019

New template engine for newsletters

Graeme @graeme

After much tweaking I've pretty much created my own custom templating engine for Letter for dynamic content import based on Handlebars (https://handlebarsjs.com/)

Ever since the earliest version of Letter, 'content import' has been a key feature. You can see it in the earliest video here: https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/letter/messages/emailotter-video-update-press-play.

A user inputs article links they want to import, and the email HTML template is populated with that content. This was okay, but it meant edits to plain text areas of a template were lost! More on that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKqlVH52SqY&t=5s

I knew this was a problem, and have been constantly tweaking how it works, and ended up with something new. I never imagined it could actually work the way it does today when I started out..goes to show that things you may think are impossible may be possible.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Made $1500 in one week
    After the Black Friday deal announcement, we’ve noticed bigger interest in our Lifetime plan options 🎉 - Many of our existing subscribers switched to
  • ✨$10k MRR in five months!
    Software Ideas launched publicly on July 5th of this year. 145 days later, it officially hit $10k in monthly recurring revenue! $10k is the milestone
  • Found my first copycat (and it's a subscriber 🙈)
    Feels like a real milestone: I discovered my first "copycat" yesterday! I guess it's inevitable that if you do something that works, people will copy
  • Saved over $5130 for 4 charities in two months
    I started We Care Social https://wecaresocial.co/ three months ago to help charities build their websites for free on behalf of tech founders who supp
  • Twitter Cards Are Ready
    Recently I created a twitter account for Prodhunt. I'll be sharing abandoned projects with their .com domains. As an additional information I'll inclu
  • November Sales Hit $6819
    2020 has been a pretty bad year for this business. Our main suppliers moth-balled their business back in the March UK Lockdown and didn't really reboo
  • Reached 2,000 Subscribers
    The combination of Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, and now, Cyber Monday has pushed my charitable daily deal sub-Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/blac
  • Batch editing support
    You can now select multiple feedback posts in the admin view and perform batch update actions - such as updating status, adding voters or moving the p
  • Meet the most inspirable launch on Product Hunt😍
    I'm Dima Braven, founder & designer at Itmeo. I’m happy to announce my new project 🏄‍♂️. Itmeo Market - a new generation market with high-quality des
  • 4 New customers during Black Friday Weekend
    Image: https://i.imgur.com/lqIM73N.png My initial goal was to get 5 new customers for the weekend, so I got 4 - close enough but still not it. Most of