January 20, 2020

The actual product is the new landing page!

Graeme @graeme

I just added a public editor to Letter, that lets people 'try before you buy'! I don't want people to sign up and go through the effort of creating an account if my app not useful to them. They can use the full editor, without signing up, but must create an account to save changes. You can see what it looks like here in my tweet: https://twitter.com/graeme_fulton/status/1219228104088018944

  • ⏱Saves people time creating an account

  • 👁'show don't tell' - let people see the benefits first-hand

  • 👍🏽 Sign up for more features - add limitations such as saving edits

I also added a 'walkthrough' guide onto the public editor, which highlights one of the key features of Letter, which is the 'Content Import'. I think this works as another way to show off a feature, like a description would on a landing page..otherwise people don't know the feature is there.


Also, I'm not actually replacing the entire landing page with the editor, but all the the main call to actions will be to try it out, rather than sign up.

I think if people create an account after trying the app first, it's a better measure of success than those creating accounts normally.

This public editor version should be up sometime this week!

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