Ten billion emails sent through EmailOctopus

Six years after EmailOctopus was founded, we've now sent over 10 billion emails through the platform. Along the way we've learned the importance of speaking directly with your customers. And adapting to the feedback you receive.

For us, that meant switching from a service powered by Amazon SES to become a full service email marketing platform that made email marketing easier for non-technical marketers.

We also learned how best to optimise our pricing so that with each upgrade users continued to feel that they were receiving excellent value for money. Rather than jumping up in too high an increment. That also meant having the confidence to lead with a higher price than what we first started with. And it paid off.

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    Outstanding! Congratulations and nice work Hollie Youlden and Octopus Team.

    I've used the product and love how simple it is. Highly recommend folks check it out if they're looking for a new mass email provider.

    1. 1

      Thanks! That's great to hear.

  2. 4

    Crazy milestone. Congrats

    Just calculated about 600,000 from me. (Average 13,500 readers times 48 editions)

    Damn that is actually scary. WOW.

    1. 2

      Do you use the service? Are you saying you sent 600,000 emails using EmailOctopus or in general?

      1. 3

        using EmailOctopus

    2. 1

      You'll hit 1 million emails in no time!

  3. 2

    Amazing impact. I've not used a marketing platform in a while but we are considering what non-technical tool we can use in the meantime.

    Really love your focus to help non-technical marketers. EmailOctopus is going in a slide I am pitching tomorrow :)

    1. 1

      That's lovely to hear! Hope you smash it with your pitch :-)

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    Great achievement! What was reason to move from Amazon SES? Do you guys now have your own SMTP server?

    1. 1

      Thanks! We still offer a plan that connects with Amazon SES. We call it EmailOctopus Connect (funnily enough!). But we moved to offering a full service as many of our users preferred the ease of not having to set up Amazon SES. We don't have our own SMTP – we use a few different providers for our emails.

  5. 1

    Keep it up! Congrats!

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