May 31, 2020

Public Early Access

Gina Husebø @Ginu

Uh-oh 🙄

We kept building Emberly for 6 months without properly testing the main value proposition😅. But we finally decided to launch Emberly into Early Access!

We have been building this part-time, using most evenings, weekends, and vacations since November. In hindsight, we probably added more features than we should have before launching.

Now we will have to see if there is a lesson to be learned. Did we make something actually useful for people? Did we waste time? Should we have found ways to test earlier?

My co-founder and I have found Emberly very useful. But of the 10 friends we onboarded, only one used it daily. However, we think he was just the right type of person for Emberly. Very curious who likes to learn many different things but lacks the time and discipline to structure the resources and information he comes across.

Now we have to figure out how to get people to try out Emberly😅

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